Worldwide Airport Transportation Network

Limo Network America

Network Foundation

Network Name: Limo Network America, LNA
Network Website:
Base Market/Clients: Fliers, Travelers
Network Function: Limousine Service to and from World Airports
Core Concept: Website Offers up to Four Rides per Flight, Two for Each Airport. LNA Assigns All Rides to Local Affiliates.
Membership and Fees
Membership: Available to Select Limousine Service Providers.
Membership Grades: Associate, Affiliate
Membership Application: Online at Start by Creating Account. Follow On-Screen Instructions.
Membership Fees: Free
Commission: 20% of Job Amount Charged to Affiliate Credit Card.
Periodic Fees: Free
Reservations System: Free
Online Booking: Free
Farm-outs: Free
All Other Fees Free
How It Works
Network Coverage: Worldwide
Exclusivity: Exclusive Network. One Affiliate Member per Metropolitan Airport. Maximum Two per Metropolitan Area.
Bookings: LNA Assigns the Completed Online Reservations Recevied from Clients Worldwide
Farm out Jobs: LNA Assigns the Completed Online Non-Local Reservations Recevied from Affiliates
Reservation System: State-of-the-Art Web Application,
Sales Leads: System Automatically Uses Client's Departure Flight Info as Lead. It, then, Offers Limo Services for Arrival End. System Also Automatically Uses Client's Arrival Flight Info as Lead. It, then, Offers Limo Services for Departure End.
Other Leads: Website Also Offers Regular Limo Services in All Cities.
Client's Payments: Affiliate Members Charge Client's Cards for the Service.
Membership Term: Quarterly, Auto-Renewal for Members Generating Enough Leads for the system.
Web Application: Property of LNA. Licensed Totally Free to Members. Renewed with Membership, Term by Term. Available for Free to Clients for Making and Managing Reservations.
Web Application Users: Travellers, Travel Arrangers, Travel Agents, Concierges, Associate and Affiliate Members
Hourly and Transfer Rates: Rates are Set to Individual Affiliate Rates
Network Administration: LNA
System Maintenance: LNA